Electric dreams Road Trip – Paul Amess

Join Paul and Rob as they drop their walking boots and head instead on a road trip like no other. Jumping into one of the first electric cars ever made – a first-generation Nissan Leaf –  our intrepid duo set out to travel through the middle of England in search of the ultimate answer to the ultimate question – can you go on a road trip in an electric car?

Will the car make it to the next charger? Will the charger even be there, and if it is, will it work? Learning the hard way which factors decide on whether they make it to their next destination, Paul and Rob carry on regardless on their crazy road trip, along the way stopping off at always interesting, often strange and sometimes downright weird places, all the while trying to drive up through the heart of the country without crossing a bridge.

Carefully navigating some of the most beautiful parts of the country, they are trying to drive from the south coast to the Scottish border along the line of the watershed, which is basically the point in between where all the rivers go either east or west. Finding some of the sources of our major rivers along the way, they discover that everything you were taught about England’s longest rivers may not be quite as it seems.

Visiting the church that isn’t a church, graves of the rich and famous, castles, houses and more besides, they stumble on some of the more unusual aspects of English history that they never even suspected existed. The world’s last smallpox victim, the place where Churchill made some of the final decisions for D-Day, and possibly the only church in the country with its own fire engine, are all revealed within these fascinating pages, along with a whole lot more, all the while at the same time they are desperately looking for electric chargers that actually work.

Join them on this fun ride through history and through England, and learn all about our crazy little island.

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