Beautiful Heartbreak – Perry Kay

Beautiful Heartbreak

My skin is iron grates on prison windows

miles and miles of metal trapping spirit in little rusted cracks

when rainbows spill from forbidden crevices into runoff on dirty city streets

they paint murals on abandoned buildings

blood streaked across a darkening sky

this is real art from shattered hopes and heartbreak

My mind is strawberry jelly that won’t freeze in the North Pole

and when I roll into a Construction Zone

It doesn’t turn into debris but it slowly limps down a set of stairs

eyes on the shadow behind, because surprises have a way

of turning into blazing wildfires and caution is the only thing

that my slippery fingers can hold

But crumbling jelly can’t be trusted and a heart that’s been bruised so many times

beats in sync with a different world, not one of truth but one of perceived threat

In every corner lies an ambush waiting

and every lightbulb is at the verge of exploding

into a thousand little nightmares

Fear is my right arm, I lean on danger signals flashing

from pastel colored ice cream trucks

and sunsets taste like burning dish soap in a baby’s throat

But at least bleeding rainbows and razors

are the paint and paintbrushes I use

to turn abandoned buildings into striking art.

My book is now available in Paperback version as well as e-book on Amazon! I would love to get feedback as this is my first book 💕

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