Pink and Country – Emmanuelle Snow


My life is a mess. I don’t even know where to start. I lost everything three years ago, and I can’t seem to get it right anymore. It all changes when my best friend sends me to spend a month in a cabin in the mountains. By myself. In the middle of nowhere, Tennessee.

The fresh air and the scenery are the perfect remedies for my writer block and my insomnia. My life finally starts making sense again.

Until we meet in the woods.

With his broody attitude and hard-to-resist handsome face, he gets under my skin the second he opens his mouth. Being handsome doesn’t give him the right to be an ass, though.

No distraction. I won’t allow my hormones to mess with my goal: write my new book and get my life back on track.

This month-long vacation is my fresh start. But my either charming or overly annoying neighbor always keeps coming for more, no matter how much I try to avoid him.

How long will I be able to resist him? 


I have everything other people would kill for: money, success, and fame. And yet, being at the top has never felt so lonely.

I thought hiding in the mountains, far from the media’s attention, would do me good. Miss Hollywood killed my mojo, and I need some time to focus on myself. And write my new album. It’s about time.

The moment I catch sight of the woman living next door, I can’t push her out of my mind. No matter what I do. With her pink hair and sassy attitude, she might just be the distraction I need.

And she has no idea who I am. Has she been living in a cave? My face has been plastered on front pages of magazines for the last two years. This just makes the chase even more interesting. But soon, I can’t get enough of her, and I do everything I can to bump into her every chance I get, and to annoy her, the only way to get her attention.

Juvenile? Yeah. Fun? Absolutely.

No matter how irresistible she is, I won’t fall for her. I promised myself I wouldn’t put my heart out there ever again. It’s been crushed enough already. Been there. Done that.

But April Simmons is my kryptonite.

How will I get closer without risking another heartbreak?

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