The Farewell to Heavy Living: Lose Weight By Eating Healthy -The LENELI-Method – Ryan Garcia

Losing weight has nothing to do with diets, otherwise they would have lasting success. Unfortunately, this is not the case. After the diet comes the yo-yo effect and the kilos are back on the ribs faster than they were gone. Losing weight is nothing more than applied psychology. Who brings too many kilos on the balance, will simply eat wrongly with few exceptions and that is the actual problem. We live in a world where everything is important and costs us our time.

Eating has degenerated into mere food intake, a half-hour lunch break to quickly shovel something into ourselves at the butcher around the corner. Then we are surprised that in the USA, for example, over 65% of the population suffers from obesity. Unfortunately, the food culture in many areas of the country has already arrived close to culinary neglect. A quick bite to eat, people reach for bagged soups, can meals, and vacuum-packed convenience products. The only healthy ingredients, which this chemistry contaminated food substitute still has, are shot down then with the microwave!

LENELI (Learn NEW LIFE) shows how you can lose 15 kilos in just 4 months without any problems by eating healthy food. LENELI helps you realize that you have to change your mindset in the long run. Even if you stop losing weight, the kilos stay down, you learn in a simple way to maintain your weight.

The only thing you need is the book, “THE FAREWELL TO HEAVY LIVING” and you have already saved the cost for the book in the first week.

Why? Because a healthy diet is cheaper than the trash from the chemical food industry. Learn how to lose weight with healthy food without starving yourself.

Learn to enjoy healthy food again.

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