Alphabets of the World: Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Belonging through books (Kindle Edition)

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This book might seem like a book to learn alphabets, but that is where you are wrong. This book is 29 pages of fun with two brothers as they travel the world. They will teach you about countries, their capitals, what makes this country so special? Where they are located? languages they speak? landmarks that are unique to them, cuisines and animals from these places
This one book can teach you Alphabets while teaching you geography, history and cultures of the world. Boys and girls both love and relate to Kai and Keanu, while enjoying the engaging and nuanced nature of the book! Parents and Teachers will love the geo-cultural aspects of this book through colorful images that transport you all around the world.As the world continues to become more interconnected, children have to work well with others. The importance given to global awareness has outranked the value put on high school grades (68 percent found it important) and high school subjects (63 percent) according to some studies. This book will help build global awareness in your child’s mind and this results in:-Creating an understanding of one’s place — from global to local.-Developing the ability to respect and work with students from all backgrounds, cultures, and religions.-Learning about a foreign language.- Building an understanding of different nations and cultures. A “must-have” on every bookshelf.

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