The Cunning Man – Elizabeth Andrews

Book two in The Psychic Sisters series.

Although long dead, the spectre of ‘The Cunning Man’ still hangs over the village of Bindon; a place well known for its involvement in smuggling over the centuries. But what is the connection between this enigmatic figure and the freshly carved  witch marks ? Marks which the elderly sisters, Queenie and Sybil see on every door lintel in the village. Their curiosity is further piqued when they encounter the ghost of a child in the churchyard and so they decide to dig a little deeper into the mysterious affairs of the locals.

“Once again, the author has produced a page-turner.”

“Tremendous story. These ladies are a tour de force! ”

“Ghosts galore and hold your breath moments that will make you not want to put this book down”

“Sybil and Queenie are at it again… but the problem may not be completely paranormal…”

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