Last Confession: A novel – Mohamed Sirag

An extraordinarily beautiful Amish woman, a dangerous fatal woman, a story that reveals the dark side of Painter Mill and his seemingly perfect Amish world.

On a rainy night, an Amish father returned home with his three children and rushed to them in a car out of nowhere.

What at first looks like a tragic, but ordinary car accident, suddenly takes on a gloomy shade, because it seems that the accident has nothing to do with an accident. But who could have killed a deacon Amish and his two children? He leaves behind a grieving widow and a little boy who clings to life in the intensive care unit of the hospital and cannot communicate. He may be the only one who knows what happened that night. Desperate to find out who killed her best friend’s husband and why, Kate begins to suspect that she is not looking for a reckless drunk, but follows the trail of a cold-blooded killer among the residents of Painters Mill. It is a quest that takes her on an icy journey to the darkest corners of the human heart and makes her doubt everything she has ever believed in the Amish culture in which she was born.

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Written by mhmsirag

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