The Mark of Destiny – Andrea Manning

The mark she was born with will guide her to her destiny.

For Amelia, being a princess is all about responsibility and protecting the people of her land. Born with a strange mark on her hip, she has the ability to communicate with animals. It is her sole wish to bring together the five kingdoms of Halcyon so that all may know peace, whether they be man or beast. Although that desire seems unreachable, for the people of the land have warred and quarreled for ages. But then, the impossible becomes possible. An arranged marriage to the prince of one of the oldest rival kingdoms promises to bring about a new era of peace and harmony. It all seems too good to be true, and there is more to this proposition than meets the eye.

Things don’t go quite as planned, and Amelia is forced to flee her home with the help of her closest friend and personal bodyguard, Alan. Secrets will be revealed, new and unlikely allies will be made, and the princess will learn the truth behind the mysterious mark and the power she was born with. With the help of Alan, an insightful dragon, and the many rare and magical creatures around her, Amelia will do what she must to save her home and her people, and perhaps unlock the true potential of her power.

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Written by may5696

I'm an indie author just trying to make a name for herself.

I write young adult fantasy books available on many digital platforms such as Amazon and Apple. It's my dream to become a successful author and make writing my full-time career. I love to create fantastical tales that immerse readers in a world of adventure. Dragons are my favorite mythical creatures, so expect to see them or similar creatures used in most of my books. Hope to see some fantasy nerds out there willing to check out my works!

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