The Lighthouse Beams: Just A Little Something – Kathie Baset

How can I make him understand what I don’t understand myself?

Sara leaves a life of wealth and privilege to make it on her own, finding a career and the love of her life. But their engagement reveals a secret: his family is also wealthy. Surprised and disappointed, Sara is convinced that any accomplishments will be credited to their money and not hard work. She makes a decision that changes their lives, leaving both of them devastated.

When a turbulent storm puts the life of a mysterious boat captain in danger, witnesses described the lighthouse beam acting as if a paranormal entity guided the light, illuminating the scene of the struggling ship. But the successful rescue causes Sara to be overcome at the captain’s identity.

Almost losing her love makes Sara realize that they truly belong together. Their wedding ceremony features an unexpected but fitting event when Sara flings her wedding bouquet from the lighthouse rim, bringing the story full circle.

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Written by thimble220

After working for a decade for a major corporation, Bonnie Ausfeld, M.A., ATMG, left to raise a family and became an entrepreneur as a professional resume writer, business networking trainer and career coach. She is the author of Business Networking for the Professional...How do I get you to remember me and what it is that I do?
Her tragic childhood has given Bonnie the courage and stamina for success as an entrepreneur. She provided business coaching and professional development programs, as well as speaking engagements for executives.
Bonnie has appeared on regional television and radio. Her writings have appeared in national publications emphasizing to Say what you mean and mean what you say with honesty, integrity and to treat others as you would want them to treat you.
Her mentor, George Fridholm, once told her that There are no problems in this world, only challenges and opportunities. She has followed his philosophy her entire career. “We have two choices,” she says. “We can accept what comes into our lives every moment of every day, or we can let it go and not give it our energy.” We always have a choice.
Now that she has retired and as a long-time member of the U.S. Historical Lighthouse Society, Bonnie has joined the genre of romance novel authors, where she plans to write a series of romance novels featuring lighthouses with original Fresnel light lenses. Interestingly, some of these lighthouses have been sold to private citizens and some have been confirmed as haunted.
She has been married to her husband for nearly fifty years. They have two children and two grandchildren. They also have a cat, Picasso and a black Arabian horse, Pharaoh. She will always miss the pets she has had over the years that have crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge, especially the love of my life, Pumpkin, my cat who has recently passed.
Bonnie hopes you enjoyed reading The Lighthouse Beams, Just a little something, especially the part involving the eagle and the wedding bouquet.

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