The Last Cannibal – Sheila M Berglund

In the wake of a catastrophic pandemic and near annihilation of the human race, sixteen-year-old Maya struggles to survive in an uncivilized world after realizing she may be the last known carrier of the Kuru88. The cannibal disease, responsible for wiping out over three-quarters of the world’s population.

Maya lives out her days quarantined in the abandoned outpost of Proper colony. Sequestered in an old library with twins Jobe and Markus, Maya lives through the stories in her books and daydreams of life outside the colony wall. A life of freedom.

After passing her mandated Carrier Screening, Maya returns to Proper clean, yet, she can’t stop thinking about the Clinic and the bizarre people hidden in glass cages. When her worst fears come to fruition at Proper’s annual Purity Festival and the once extinct disease returns, Maya and the boys find themselves alone and on the run. Thrust into an unfamiliar world of thieves, baby wranglers, and flesh dealers, the threesome head south to rumored safety. Will they be able to evade the antagonistic Colonial Lindy and make it to the ‘free zone,’ or will they end up ash like all the others?

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