The Holy Warriors' Commission: Sealing the Gate – Tamara Maudelle

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Mara thought she was living a wasted life full of pain and suffering, but a surprising miracle from God gives her an opportunity to begin again. However, this second chance comes at a price. She and other Chosen ones must destroy the demons that have infiltrated the earth and caused sin and blasphemy to flourish. Mara and the others are quickly escorted to a covert military base where they must undergo rigorous training to prepare for this difficult venture.

She and her team have very daunting and dangerous tasks ahead of them—tasks that no normal human being should ever have to undertake. But God selected them specifically for this war, and they face formidable odds against a horrifying enemy.

As Mara’s team embarks on these harrowing adventures to exotic and dangerous locations, the Lord gives them unusual talents and they also receive assistance from surprising sources to aid them in their perilous battles.

Mara must balance romance, family conflict, and her own inner struggles as she trains for these missions. Can she and her fellow warriors successfully do God’s bidding, or will they fail in their commission and pay the ultimate price?

One reviewer said, “I enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and you easily get caught up in all emotional journeys that Mara must take. It is nice to read a book with a Christian content and yet still be able to contain action, adventure, and romance without being too irreverent . It is very powerful reading and has great detail in all the battles that Mara must face. You will not be disappointed in reading this book! I highly recommend it.”

If you love a book that is fast-paced, exciting, and has a gripping plot, “The Holy Warriors’ Commission” is what you are looking for. Catch a glimpse of the first couple of chapters at Amazon, and if you like what you see, you can purchase the ebook or the paperback.

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