The Artist’s Page – Debra Rufini, Dina Kalo

‘The Artist’s Page’ is a poetic short story, urging a search for the Designer of life’s most valuable piece of art. It tells of an Artist who has just completed a ‘work of love’ – a gift for any of the takers.

What would your response be to a group of small people, overlooking you, to look at the masterpiece you’d lovingly made for them?

How would you feel by their admiration for your magnificent creation, as they ignore your wonderfully creative hands? Would you feel sad? Frustrated? Angry?

Imagine your relief when they leave your invisible side. Picture your joy and your gratitude with their replacement– an appreciative group marvelling at your masterpiece, undoubtedly produced by your love. Would you feel glad, grateful, relieved, believed, like the Artist in this story felt?

Justas the Artist in this story, God rejoices when we recognise His face.

The Author’s job as the story teller, is to persuade her audience to seek that evidence for The Artist.

This story invites the reader to consider the theist, atheist, and agnostic perspective.

What do you think?

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