Nothing But Bones: Undead AI: Part 1 – J. Carrarn

Eons after humanity fled the galaxy, leaving the burnt-out husk of their civilization behind, one of their constructs stirs. GD18, a simple AI, meant only to serve in a public library, awakens to find itself on a barren and lifeless world.

With barely enough energy to power his primary systems, he gives the gift of knowledge to a simple skeleton as a final act of service before shutting down forever.

Or so it seems.

When he unexpectantly powers up once more, he soon finds that his situation has only marginally improved. His sphere, the container that houses his being, has been swallowed by a massive Wyrm. Although he now has access to ample power, he is stuck. Will he spend the rest of eternity like the mythical Jonah, trapped in the belly of the beast?

Or will he find a way to free himself of the Wyrm and of the chains that bind him

Note from the author: Hey, lovely folks. This is part one of a companion novella to my full Nothing but bones series, netting in at 117 pages of AI goodness.

What do you think?

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Written by carrarn

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