Like a dandelion in the wind – Andrea Johns

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I am a 71-year-old grandmother who has finally had her book published. It has taken me over 14 years to complete, and 30 years from the time I started to jot down my memories in little note pads. I still don’t believe it has happened.”I say never give up on your dreams” My book is two books in one novel. Based on a true story. My story! 

I had a very different childhood. My education came from real-life scenarios, something you would not get from sitting in a classroom.

I was pulled out of school at the age of thirteen. Travelled Australia with my restless, rogue, loveable rascal of a father. My life was one big adventure after another. I was taught hardships, hunger, survival, compassion, love, cunningness, integrity, gambling, fishing, hunting and going without. Engaged at fifteen and married at sixteen, giving birth to my first child at seventeen. We moved overseas and were caught in a war. Evacuated to London, where we spent two harrowing years trying to get home. Once back in Australia, I fought the biggest battle of my life, to save my children from an evil spirit in a haunted house.

You will laugh, cry, be amazed and sometimes a little frightened as you travel with the dandelion seeds through my book.

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