Deadly Precious – Larion Wills

While hallucinating from the new drug, Andrew Dray had walked into a stranger’s house, attacked the woman there, and unbelievably, Letitia Winters, wasn’t going to press charges. To his mind, any woman who could dismiss such an attack, regardless of the circumstances, had to be simple-minded. What did he care? His one objective in life was to destroy his father.  He wouldn’t let anything interfer. Pay the woman off and be rid of her, but the Letitia and circumstances kept driving him back. She isn’t normal, her ex-husband shouted. She makes bad things happen to people who make her angry.

Was she the witch her husband claimed, casting spells to keep him going back, the naive, submissive mouse she seemed e, was her aim revenge, or was she just a greedy, dangerous woman who found out he had millions and wanted it all? Would he survive to complete his one aim in life, or discover how deadly sweet, bland Letitia could be?

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