A Master Is Born – Evan Bollinger

The seam between Prim Ordal and the Nether, just got shredded…

Nearly a millennium ago, the shadowkin of the Night Fold were defeated and banished. Since then, the free lands of Prim Ordal have slowly recovered, their fractures from the Barren Wars fading with the winds of time…

But now those times have changed

A ferocious blight has been unleashed, rapidly transforming living things everywhere into deathly perversions of themselves. As the darkness unfolds, a young huntsman without a past must seek the impossible…

A power. A mastery, foretold by legend and forgotten by man.

Now, coveted by a legion of darkeners and surrounded by powerful magites, Roscoe Coats faces the quest of his life. In a world where magic is feared and despised, he might just harbor the rarest of all…

The clock is ticking. The scourge is spreading, the magic of the Ordal is mutating, as an advanced entity from the north, New Fate, tracks the magites at every turn, crafting its sickening scheme…

Can the young Master rise before the Nether consumes?

Or are some gifts too good to be true? A Master Is Born (The Blighted Chronicles Book 1) eBook: Bollinger, Evan: Kindle Store

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