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The Light and The Loyalists: The Lodestar Diaries: Book 1 – Viera Landis

The epic debut novel of a compelling new fantasy series full of love, humor, adventure, and journeys of self-discovery.

Shunned and feared by her clan, young, gifted Zaharina keeps to the shadows until Emir shows up in the desert and passes out, drooling. Poor stupid thing, she thinks, but she learns there is more to Emir than it seems. He reveals his heart and his secret agenda, and Zaharina agrees to help him. They soon find out she has a special destiny, as well: a chosen one of prophecy.

Their romance blossoms as they embark together on a mission to stop a war, find other chosen ones, and, ultimately, save two worlds. But there are others searching for them . . .

Others who would stop at nothing to find them.

The Lodestar Diaries, a five-book series explores the need for human connection and unity, celebrating diversity and multi-culturalism within the context of an over-arching plot to save the world from domination. Beginning in the Middle East, these books take the reader on a fun, action-filled adventure around the world. Join these heroes and heroines, including pirates, criminal masterminds and aliens, as they discover the powers and gifts within themselves, as well as their need for one another.

These books contain interracial and cross-cultural friendships and clean romances, including a beautiful, slow-cooked LGBTQ+ gay love story. If at first you don’t see it, please stick around and keep reading. Remember, these things take time. Like all the best things in life, love can’t be rushed.

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