No Teacher Left Standing – Jeffrey Penn May

St. Louis County, 2003-2004 school year, a time of flip phones, mid-east war, and leaving no child behind.

The most authentic novel about first-grade teachers you’ll ever read. The characters are fictional, but the events are based on true stories. Written to reflect a frenetic pace that matches the school year.

Sarah Morgan hates conflict. She never understood her parents sniping at each other and she felt protective of her little sister. Keeping the peace served her well as a #teacher. However, now she must fight to defend herself against a duplicitous principal, a Machiavellian superintendent, and an unstable mother’s hurtful attack. After two miscarriages, Sarah is pregnant and alone.

Sarah represents the best in all of us. She is a strong woman who shows grace, courage, humor, and understanding under duress. Confronted with policy dictated by ivy-tower administrators and clueless politicians, Sarah never gives up.

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