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Pooch Problems – Christopher Poston

Are you sick and tired of your dog…

  • walking you instead of the other way around
  • barking incessantly at random things
  • peeing and pooping on your nice rugs

Or a myriad of other troubling issues?

Perhaps you’ve wondered…

Why is my furry friend so annoying at times?

Punishing and scolding hasn’t worked.

Is there a better way to change their bad behaviors?

What is a “good dog” by definition anyway?

You probably know of dogs who…

  • Don’t destroy objects in the home
  • Don’t counter surf or eat food off the table
  • Don’t howl at all hours of the night

This can be your dog!

Do you sometimes feel lost or clueless about what you should do to bring to life the adorable version of your furry friend?

Do you wish to turn a new page where you have amazing experiences with your pooch?

Are you looking for a guide that simplifies the whole process?

If you answered YES,

This book will show you how to identify and solve common dog issues so that you and your newly trained pooch can live your best lives.

Where there are Pooch Problems there are solutions (125 of them).

If you are struggling with Pooch Problems, know that you’re not alone. This author has spent years dealing with their own Pooch Problems. This book is a culmination of decades of research. Within its pages is a collection of the most powerful techniques used by the world’s top dog behaviorists. Don’t worry, the tips are effective and easy to use. They work on any breed – small or large.

This author advocates for positive reinforcement and is strongly against cruelty to animals. All the techniques embody this style so you can be sure everything taught is cruelty free.

In this book, you will find:

  • Entertaining and relatable stories highlighting dog failures and successes that will motivate you along the way.
  • Essential dog topics: breeding, puppy proofing, dog gifts and dog communication
  • BONUS CHAPTER (downloadable with ebook or included in print version) on how you can be the hero of the story by volunteering at an animal shelter

Pooch Problems presents 25 stories, each of which focuses on a particular dog issue.

You will meet…

  • Axl the Basset Hound who howls when his baby sister cries
  • Goliath the Neapolitan Mastiff who is afraid of thunder
  • Marshmallow the French Bulldog who chews up her owners shoes

Among others!

But that’s just the beginning. Pooch Problems will give you the tools so your dog can do something great.


  • Competing in agility competitions
  • Bringing people happiness as a therapy dog
  • Perform amazing tricks

Pooch Problems REALLY is the complete toolkit for canine training.

Even if you’ve tried teaching your pooch “good” behavior before and failed, let this book show you that no dog is beyond redemption! Let’s just remember that no pooch is perfect and we need to lead with forgiveness, and teach with compassion.

Happy Dog, Happy Life

If you are ready to do great things with your pooch,

Scroll up and click on BUY NOW with a single click to start transforming your furry friend!

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