Gemini of the Sleeping Gods – Hyperphant

An exotic breed of lightning-paced science-fiction that hasn’t been seen since the early twentieth century

“World was rich and interesting and I could visualize pretty much every setting and character no matter how outlandish things got. The author accomplished that without telling me exactly what to see.”

The first of a multi-book series spanning eons of existence, worlds, and in a universe of astral eloquence

The Hyperphant does an amazing job in what can be assumed to be the first book of many. As I took a risk on this as the book was new, the author new as well I am well pleased on how it turned out. I read it in about 48 hours, not putting the book down till I had to. When this happens I know it’s a good story, as I’m pulled by the author to turn the page an continue to read. This book feels different from your standard fantasy. I’m very excited for the next book and to see where The Hyperphant takes us next in the insane world of Bask

Delve into the freshest epic of barbarians, technocratic ghost empires, and gripping tale of science fiction that you’ve now just heard of; Gemini of the Sleeping Gods

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