Cold War Legends – Jason Belcher

Lieutenant Henry Cross, a missile commander for the U.S. Air Force in 1986, has a problem. After spending months of mind-numbing boredom pulling 24 hour shifts in “the hole” he wishes something, anything, would happen. On a routine day in November, Henry reports to his silo again, expecting another day of tedium, but instead he finds their entire base under attack from a force unlike anything he’s ever seen. The attackers aren’t even human, but they have advanced weapons which quickly overpowers the bases defenders. After a fearsome day long battle, the attackers astonish Henry by offering him a deal, and he finds himself intrigued by their offer….

Forty years earlier, Akari Negato, Japan’s most famous opera singer, gets thrown in prison after publicly insulting the emperor. Seeing Japan losing the war, she could keep quiet no longer. Cast into the deepest cell in Hiroshima a day before its leveled by an atomic bomb, Akari’s prison sentence saves her life. Pulled from the rubble, and eager to get revenge on her captors, Araki agrees to help the Americans chase down war criminals across the south Pacific. Knowing many of the regimes secrets, Akari proves a valuable asset. With her help, renegade Japanese scientists are found on a remote island, but the portal technology they created transports her to a distant world, where she must find a way to survive…

A pair of undercover Soviet agents, assigned to research American culture, make a startling discovery. After a mix up with a tape at a local video rental store, Dmitri begins to understand the power film and movies have over Americans. Sensing an opportunity, he and his partner provide the store manager with a series of pirated tapes with content so astonishing it quickly creates a vast underground network of fans. When the store manager convinces the pair to release their films in a weekly television series, the networks quickly pick up on the audience enthusiasm. A Soviet run television channel comes to dominate the American market in 1987, giving the agents the perfect platform to prepare the American public for the coming invasion…

In a reversal of the downing of Gary Powers, a Soviet reconnaissance pilot named Malakov is shot down in the United States over the Appalachian mountains. After bailing out, Malakov meets Jesse Briar, a coal miner engaged in running gun battles with a coal company and their heavily armed thugs. Realizing they need each other to survive, the two form an unlikely partnership, until they make a startling discovery. After days of hiding, the two get caught in a clearing, but the gunmen walk right past both of them. “They walked by us like we was ghosts,” Jesse said, and Malakov’s eyes widened as he realized Jesse was right, literally….

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Written by jasonbelcher47

Jason Belcher is a former Air Force Captain and Iraq Veteran. He is an avid runner, tech enthusiast, and small business owner.

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