101 Quips and Quotes for Tweens, Teens and Twenties to win with – Ada Adeleke-Kelani

This is the 3rd book in the “101 Quips and Quotes Book Collection”.

It contains very practical quips and quotes that will help everyone, especially those in their tweens, teens and twenties, WIN.

Being in your tweens, teens or twenties can be captivating, challenging and sometimes confusing. While some individuals in these age ranges seem to have it all together, others have difficulties in identifying and/or accepting who they are and what their purpose in life is.

At various times in their lives, they may disagree with their parents and others for different reasons – yes, I know that from personal experience. However, I also know that there is a way to overcome that and win which is why this book is filled with quips and quotes that will help those in their tweens, teens and twenties locate and remain on the path of winning in life.

When you think about winning in life, there are many things that help people (of all ages) win including:
Willingness to learn, relearn and sometimes unlearn,
Intentionality in your decisions and actions, and
Nurturing the right relationships – first with yourself and then with others.

This book touches on all those aspects of life and more. The quips and quotes in this book are witty, insightful, and nourishing not just for tweens, teens, and twenties, but for all those who know and love them.

Autographed copies available of this and the first 2 books in the collection can be ordered from: 101 Quips and Quotes

You can also watch the Quip Corner with Ada for some insight into this book.

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