WITHIN: A 21st Century Philosopher's Stone – Claude Coaster

Originally, a Philosopher’s Stone was the alchemical substance which could transmute a metal into pure gold. “Within” promises to transform a difficult existence into a more joyful one!

In order to become contemporary alchemists, the readers will have at their disposal everything that has ever been written on the human condition, including all the religious traditions and the most recent relativist and quantic cosmogonies.

Just after a few thought experiments, a few visits to yesteryears thinkers, such as Epicurus, Meister Eckhart, Marcel Proust, Rabindranath Tagore, etc., the readers will be able to concoct their very own potions, relieving sadness, doubts, fears, etc.

It is not even out of the question that in the end, they can realize what is by definition… beyond word.

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