The Panopticon Experiment – Rachel Caldecott

In earth’s future, a genetic mutation allows humans to communicate telepathically with animals. But this world comes under threat.

A bombing near Flo’s apartment seriously injures her flatmate Lonce, the world’s last snow leopard. The attack throws Flo, a 17-year-old inter-species telepath, into a deadly conflict with the ruthless HSL; the same group of human supremacists that killed her parents ten years before. Consumed by resentment, the HSL are prepared to wreak havoc in the world and sever the delicate bonds that connect the species.

To prevent society from being forced back into the cruel practices of the past, Flo and her friends must put their lives on the line.

 “Fast-paced adventure/environmental dystopian YA novel. I really enjoyed this dystopian/YA adventure story; the premise was fascinating, the writing fluid. The pace was excellent, it keeps you hooked as the story unfolds right to the end. The inter-species communication felt natural (I LOVED the snow leopard), the dialogue too. The environmental stance is very appropriate for where we are now in the world.” Amazon 5* Review

“Well-paced, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. The Panopticon Experiment is an adventure story set in the future. Given the current gloomy outlook for the planet, I found it refreshing to discover a place that is more harmonious than the present. It left me wondering, for example, if an ability to communicate with animals would really cause us to treat them any better. The way humans have treated one another since the dawn of history is not a promising sign, but it was heartening to imagine through the pages of this book that communication might lead to a better world. Amazon 5* Review

“A masterful debut. I thoroughly enjoyed this highly imaginative and well-written novel. Though set in a post-apocalyptic world, the storyline has resonance for the times we live in. In keeping with the lead being shown in environmental politics, the two main protagonists are young people who share a telepathic connection with animals, and are struggling against regressive political forces seeking to reassert the predominance of humans in a world where species equality has become the norm.” Amazon 5* Review Colin Duncan-Taylor, Author of ‘Lauragais’

“Great read! I was hooked from the start! a wonderful young adult novel, especially for those with a heart for animals or the environment.” Amazon 5* Review

“A book of our time. Fantastic! Takes you away and at the same time it asks so many questions relevant to what the planet and humanity are going through right now . . . so much to reflect on! Can’t wait for the next one…BTW the cover is stunning!” Amazon 5* Review

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