The Lone Captain – Lewis Crow

Captain Nemoโ€™s son continues his own tales of adventure in The Lone Captain, a sequel to 2018โ€™s The Nautilus Legacy and the second volume of The Nemo Chronicles.  Inspired by the work of Jules Verne and written as a memoir, it will delight readers of the first volume as well as those new to the series.

 Against a backdrop of Victorian-era political tensions and advances in science and technology, the Nautilusโ€™ crew venture across the worldโ€™s oceans to further their twin missions of science and liberty by exploring shipwrecks, aiding the oppressed, and supporting freedom fighters.  But everything changes for Nemo when a shocking naval crisis leads to confrontation with his most dangerous foe yet, a zealot whose actions could alter the international balance of power.

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