Tales of the Aeons: Violet – Cameron Michael Gil

Have you heard the Parable of the Burning Home? It’s not a story those trapped within would tell you, yet, her eyes tell the story: If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha.

“Violet” is a science-fiction adventure draped in layers of literary fiction, and East Asian history and culture that invites you to engage with the layers of Buddhism, one’s identity, opportunity of responsibility, legacy of family, and the trials of becoming guilty of peace when the waves of hate flow on peach blossoms.

TOA-V is the story of Violet’s rise to purpose within a torrent of doubt and under the weight of history. Within a world of augmentation and space-exploration, Violet grew up as an expected leader of humanity in space, the Secretary of SAN. However, Violet’s purples eyes incessantly longed for the world veiled behind the metal shell of Earth. After the disappearance of her father during negotiations with a militant organization, Kimomo, Violet journeys to Mars. With Kibou, the only person she shares a mental link with, they set foot on a world on the brink of fire. Attacked and faced with unyielding Kimomo representatives, Violet faces her father. When machinations incite riots capable of undoing the stability of SAN, Violet collapses into a decision that shakes the livelihood of all humanity in space. To rectify the catastrophe, stave off starvation and insurgency, Violet joins new allies to stave off political instability, quell Kimomo, and take the plea for help to Earth. Inside the metal shell separating humanity, Violet rebuffs Empress Wu’s demands for acquiescence setting off a race against time and Fate to unify the Mediterranean or submit to Empress Wu’s hegemony. In her quest to save the warring states, Violet must come to terms with her purpose, her beliefs, her spirit, and the enduring love. Can Violet subvert herself to rise as a star, conquer death, and refuse to kneel before Fate?

So now that you know the basics affix your eyes to Violet’s rise to purpose within a torrent of doubt and under the weight of history. Evolve beyond the sky below and can cast off the shadow of Fate to thrive among the starts. Rebuff Fate’s warring states, conquer death, cast off the masks of life, and become the shining star guilty of peace.

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