Leadership Workbook for Women – Stephanie Ermenegild

Are you tired of people undermining your abilities at the office? Do you want to take your first steps towards becoming a leader and earning the respect and appreciation of your peers? Well, here’s something that might be of help to you.

With the Leadership workbook for Women, you can get practical insights into being an effective leader at work while also facing the challenges unique to women head-on. 

With this book, you can:

Know about the tangible benefits of having women leaders in the workforce. 

Get expert surveys that help identify the core strengths of established women leaders which would help you work towards building your own skillset and adapting your strengths to meet the ever-changing demands of your workplace.

Acquaint yourself with the 16 competencies that top leaders most often demonstrate so you could cultivate the habits that would take you one step further into becoming a successful leader.

Gain an insight into the challenges you would encounter as a woman on your way to becoming a leader that would make you better equipped to deal with them.

 Learn how to strike a balance between your work and family in a way that wouldn’t let you feel too overwhelmed with either of them.

If you are ready to take on the mantle of a leader and be a role model for positive change, all you need is this book to be the stepping stone on your journey.

Click now to order your copy of the Leadership Workbook for Women today! 

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