Feigned Fae – Beck Beetle

Two nobles will give everything to inherit the title of Count.

An Impure halfling will do anything to escape their prejudiced reigns, even if it means aiding those who despise her.

With national illustration exams looming, an imminent truth crushes Elsu Avundrui and Lux Marmor. They’ll lose their future rulerships if they cannot manifest—the art of bringing illustrations alive.

Problem is, they aren’t Illustrators.

Exiled, hunted, and tormented, half Lele Sassa, is pushed over the edge—literally. When she washes ashore Fae territory and into a desperate noble’s arms, she discovers a hidden talent worth enough gold to buy a one-way ticket off the forsaken continent.

But first, she needs to pass The Academy’s prestigious tests or end up shackled in the Fae courts where blasphemous Impures are better off dead…

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Written by beckbeetle

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