Everybody's Doing It – Abigail Collins

Three years after the sudden and deeply traumatic end of her marriage Katherine Wheeler remains terminally single. On the eve of her 39th birthday she sets herself a challenge: within a year she will be pregnant and married. What could possibly go wrong? Cue a series of hilariously awful internet dates, from the handsome doctor with terrible breath, to a prematurely bald pop star, and the extremely well-endowed ‘Anaconda Man’.

Hapless actress Kat is supported in her quest by a superb cast of friends and family; gorgeous best pal Jojo, successful, same sex couple Bil and Ben, perennial alcoholic bachelor, Gropey Dave, her oversexed mother, her long-suffering father, her belligerent younger brother and glamorous yummy mummy cousin.

Nothing quite goes as expected or hoped for as a shocking family secret, a brush with mortality, and the ever present spectre of working in the gig economy, threaten to turn Kat’s dream into a living nightmare.

A frank, funny, feel-good first novel about what it means to be a single woman trying to find a mate in the modern world.

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