Am I Loved? – John D Bieber

We did not enter this world with a manual. This book is the next best thing.

As the worldโ€™s only emotional beings is it not truly astonishing that we function through emotions that we do not remotely understand or control? How then can we possibly understand or control ourselves?

Am I Loved? The Human Essence is nothing if not about being human. It is a book of secrets. A book about life, how life has been lived by a parade of humanity 65 billion names long all of whom have got it wrong, failing to understand how things are meant to be. This book defines the human condition as it is and how it has always been. Our emotions exist not to benefit us as individuals but to safeguard our genes, protecting the life within us.

The language of our emotions can now be translated for us to understand, revealing their crucial interaction with our need to be loved; our greatest need of all. Understanding what we do not understand will be a hugely fulfilling experience significantly enhancing the quality of our lives. Am I Loved? The Most Askes Question of All Time explains how this may be done enabling us to get everything right.

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