The Magic of Karma: Ancient Quantum Science? – James T Ordoñéz

A Self-Help book that is impossible to understand without the comedy, the outrage, and the sciences!

“Ha ha. This book is Hilarious so far!  Even just the back page and the notes in the beginning! I love it!  Ok, Absolutely resonating and appreciating the creative channel coming through your pen.  For the record, I’ve read more of your book than anything else. I just don’t read a lot because my sitting time is mostly spent making music.”
Jayadeva Das – Musician

“I LOvE IT – this book is speaking my (bleeping) language.”
Leimomi Coloretti – Creative Director

ePub available at the Apple iTunes Store (KDP eBook coming soon)

  1. Global Karma! What Political Cults & Wacko Hatred Cults have in common with our “Poster-Child,” the dangerous ISKCON Hare Krishna Religious Cult. …how they are spawned from the same Mass Mind Dialectical Behavior—the conundrum!
  2. Why tribal Hatred & Racism are not going away and where Ancient and Modern Sciences may be suggesting we need to go.
  3. And the, rarely if ever discussed, ancient Quantum-Like science of Dialectical Karmic Entanglement and the new language / perspective to REWIRE the BRAIN for Self-Help detachment and Healing from dangerous cults. 

Are you ready for something really crazy yet arguably viable? After a lifetime of cult experiences, we thought we had two books to write. One book was about the insidious nature behind political, religious, and racial cults—and why racism is not going away (ever)—where we may need to go—the other book about the yet hidden ancient Quantum-like science of Karma.

Then came 2015, the Trump Cult, QAnon, the QOP (the late GOP), the “Flat Earth,” and “lizard baby-eating pedophiles” running the world, including the Royal Family, the Dalai Lama, Oprah, and Hillary Clinton—“from outer space!!”

All during a deadly Global Pandemic. “Holy cow [$#¡†!], Batman,” we thought. “These are exactly like the fundamentalists’ cults, in motive, profile, nature, and reason.” And all tied together in a tragically comical causality—Quantum-like Karmic theory—from the world’s oldest, 25,000-year-old Philosophical Texts, plus modern sciences in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Quantum perspectives, and world-renowned philosophers across time.

And it all seems to make sense when you stitch it all together.

However, due to the insidious nature of the coincidental overlaps, and the morons involved, this could ONLY be explained by going completely [bleeping] politically incorrect. Without the outrage, there is no grasp of this topic—so we’re breaking all the rules—yes—including grammar! ¿¿Got a [bleeping] problem with that?

Still, a sincere and critical outlook for students of Yoga and Eastern Spirituality! Without being outraged, there is no [bleeping] way to understand the outrage!

We hope you find this unique raw—ancient & modern— perspective both enlightening and enjoyable.

What do you think?

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