Sea Change – Sylvia Hehir

A mystery and a betrayal in a remote Scottish Highlands village.

Since the death of his father, Alex has been trying to look after his mum, earn some extra cash, and cope with school and exams.

All right, he made some poor decisions during the summer holiday, not least of which was getting involved with Chuck, a stranger hiding out in this remote part of the Scottish Highlands. Chuck was exciting: challenging Alex to take ever-increasing risks.

But Chuck wasn’t supposed to turn up dead next to Alex’s fishing boat.

As Alex loses all control, and those images he posted online end up in the wrong hands, he really could do without the attention from Angus, the boy in the village Alex has managed to avoid for so long.

“This is a YA novel that treats its readers with respect; it doesn’t patronise or preach, and acknowledges the sometimes difficult lives that teenagers have to face. It’s an honest book, with authentic characters and a novel (and author) that I highly recommend.”  — Alison Williams, Reviewer

“This is a prime example of what words in the hands of a skilful writer can do. Full of tension and unexpected turns, this is the kind of dark book which teenagers love, not shying away from the realities and challenges of modern life.” — Barbara Henderson, Author

Perfect for readers who enjoy Peter Boon, Holly Jackson, Karen M McManus and Alice Oseman.

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