Power of the Six – Jayn E Winslade

From the very moment Emily and Jen set foot in the Forest of Needwood, they encounter two worlds in one forest. One world is familiar but the other is full of magic, danger and a battle soon to be lost. Six pairs of antlers have been stolen from Deeron’s enchanted stags by the evil Smolder Bagot. He has hidden them inside his castle.

In a race against time, Emily & Jen, along with Jen’s dog Bill, become the key to saving a magic herd of deer, a forest and even their own mortal world.

Risking their lives against White Light of Evil, they have just six days to find six antlers and to unleash the Power of the Six.

Based around a real life event called the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, Power of the Six blends folklore, fantasy, dance and music into a magical adventure of good versus evil and enduring friendship.

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Written by jaynw

Jayn Winslade is a writer and choreographer. She studied at The London School of Contemporary Dance. Trinity Laban London, and University College Worcester. As a dancer/choreographer she has worked in a wide variety of genres from Holiday on Ice to contemporary dance performance produced by Robert Plant and featuring the life stories of great song writers such as Clifford T Ward. She is currently creating work for dancers from Ballet Cymru.

As an author she blends her passion for folklore, music, ancient traditions and dance.

Getting signed to Mirador in 2018 saw the launch of ‘Chronicles of the Golden Light’ a collection of books for young people and adults who love fantasy adventure.

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