Leadership: A Lion Never be Crowned – Dr. Satyanarayan Pandey

“Leadership: A Lion never be crowned” is a visionary book based on the author’s experience during the journey of life. It provides a new insight to readers to view the surrounding. The book covers all aspects of leadership development, understanding, growing, and nurturing the leadership qualities and leading the responsibilities. Each chapter has a new dimension, exploring the new vista of leadership quality which will help you to understand the basics of leadership. It will help to achieve success, keep motivated to go miles and provide you the power to remove all hurdles by giving new insight into life. In this book, the author has tried to pen down his all real-life experiences however different illustrations are collected from different sources to better describe the facts. This book will help all those who struggle to get to the destination to their last breath. Those whose steps could not stop in the harder path, which stumbled and fall in the path of life. Then not only got up but ran towards their aim. For those who did not leave the struggle, even after the worst situations. Who become insulted but keep quiet so that they could understand the importance of respect. Who faced failure and struggling to experience the pride of success? Leadership is that story of failure, struggle, courage, and experience that rarely meet in a people. This book is also dedicated to the billion people who have devoted their whole life to fulfilling the great objectives. It is also useful for those who want to change their life, facing relentless struggle but don’t give up their dream. There is no new thing written in this book, but the essential things have been redacted so that you can strengthen your resolutions. It can give a new direction to your life. Expand the radius of your knowledge, read new important ideas, understand, and get down in life.This book is particularly useful for those who wish to live a new era by incorporating their broken dreams with a will power to make the impossible possible. Who has lost everything but the desire of living is still alive. This book will give new insight into life and leadership. The book is trying to illustrate and discuss every aspect of leadership. Book describes progressive stages of leadership development and the basic characters required in leading others. Special consideration is taken for human behavior and relationship in the progressive stage of leadership. It is an integral part that is emotionally attached to the leaders. A relationship is a key motivation that strengthens and produces the capability of struggle in life. Better management and understanding of human behavior makes life easy. The book describes the fundamental aspect of strengthening the relationship. It suggests the causes and preventive measures of conflict in a relationship. As the relationship forming and strengthening are two different processes both are correlated. A leader’s power is his network; a strong network decides the leader’s strength. Book describes how to make your strong network. A leader must have the best crisis management capacity. The real strength of a leader is identified when they suffering from a crisis. During the adverse conditions, creativity comes out. It increases the efficiency of leadership. The overall book will increase efficiency and bring the creativity of readers in order.The overall book provides a new insight into leadership which includes leadership and women. The book helps to improve leadership qualities.The last chapter book also describes the leadership qualities after COVID 19 however the basic attributes never change. Besides all the negative experiences this pandemic outbreak has taught us some positive lessons also. There is a remarkable change observed in the understanding of human behavior and nature.


Dr. Satyanarayan Pandey is the founder of SHODH SANKALP EDUCATION AND RESEARCH an organization devoted to research. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Studies, BBM Koyalanchal University Dhanbad, & Ph.D. (Sustainable Development) from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. Dr. Pandey has published many research papers in international reputed journals. He is associated with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the National Council of Financial Education (NCFE). He is a motivator and trainer, delivered motivational lectures in BCCL and many other reputed organizations.

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