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Birthday: Book #4 in The Mis-Adventures of Alex series – Matt T. Berry

Surprise! It is Alex’s mum’s birthday, and he is helping his Dad and older brother Greg to organising a surprise party. Streamers, presents, balloons, cake, and punch are the tasks for the day. There is a lot to do before she gets home from work, and with a little help from their next-door neighbour, Mr Franklin, will they be able to get everything done in time?

Join Alex, Greg, and Dad as they try to work together to make the party a success. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING!

The Mis-Adventures of Alex Series: Alex is a regular eight-year-old kid with good intentions, but whenever something can go wrong, it usually does, and with hilarious consequences. Whether he is playing with his older brother Greg, camping with the family, attending the school disco, or planning a surprise party for Mum, Alex cannot get a break.

The Mis-Adventures of Alex is a laugh a minute, relatable series for adults to read to their children, kids learning to read by themselves, and accomplished readers looking for a side splitting story with great characters.

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