Behind the Numbers: Beyond 11:11 Todd Anthonsen999

Behind the Numbers provides a comprehensive and unique approach toward numerology through intuition, reflection, and application. The process of compiling information for Behind the Numbers began with a repeating nod from an elusive yet powerful Presence that introduced itself through 11:11. Providing no answers but offering reassurance, the Presence encouraged Todd to search within to discover the answers he believed existed somewhere outside himself. Behind the Numbers chronicles a journey born in the ruins of addiction and spiritual paralysis and rises from the ashes toward redemption through determination and forgiveness. Beginning as a journal documenting the ongoing process of healing and spiritual transformation and concluding as a guide that takes a unique and relevant approach to Numerology, Behind the Numbers offers a unique approach towards Numerology that expands ones understanding of this amazing philosophy. Behind the Numbers takes a unique approach towards numerology by identifying numbers as ‘filters’ that channel the characteristics of the individual, as well as their Fate and Destiny. Rather than definitive indicators of the individual’s limitations or abilities, Behind the Numbers releases such expectations and approaches this ancient philosophy from an entirely new perspective that is accessible as it is profound.

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