A Game of Extremes 25 Exceptional Football Stories: About What Happened On and Off The Field

Speed, strength, precision, and a whole ton of adrenaline make American football one of the most exciting games in the world. It’s also a game filled with legendary stories!

When you think of the great NFL players, names like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and of course, Tom Brady come to mind, for good reasons.

But behind each game and each legend, there is more to making an epic game than you might imagine… From the referees practicing their coin toss to stadium managers fearing the worst during a blackout.

Then there are the players who laid the foundations of the game, the ones whose names have been forgotten… such as the first teams to play in a televised game to a worldwide audience of 1,000!

Back in the day, players would spend their entire career with one team, leading them through the highs and the lows with their unique, incomparable abilities. Mel Hein and Jim Thorpe are just two that come to mind.

The rich history of America’s favorite sport has created some mind-blowingly inspiring stories throughout the decades… and it will continue to thrill, fascinate, and uplift us in the decades to come.

In this book of legends, you will discover:

  • Why old-school Raiders fans can’t stand Heidi
  • The biggest mistake of the NFL’s commissioner’s career and how others have learned from this
  • How one yard or 52 seconds can be enough to change the entire outcome of a game
  • How two brothers won $1 million in fantasy football thanks to a player who recovered from a torn ACL, MCL, and LCL
  • The hungover player who scored the first Super Bowl touchdown for the Green Bay Packers
  • The Native American who won gold medals at the Olympics, played 12 seasons of football, and became the first president of the NFL — but only entered the Hall of Fame 10 years after his death
  • How coaches and managers thought outside the box to complete their teams during the 1987 strike — even recruiting a 7-Eleven security guard and a convict to play
  • The legendary two-way player that no team initially wanted
  • How one player went from earning $5.50 an hour to MVP and the Hall of Fame
  • The team that is famous for playing in the highest-scoring game ever and the 0-0 game
  • How a team of 8 first televised football — with just 2 cameras

And much more.

Football isn’t just about 18 weeks of watching the games. These 25 stories will keep you entertained and amazed throughout the season… and when you are patiently waiting for the next.

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