World Of Chaos – Allen Van Buren Settle

Nymoki Murray, a shamed archeologist turned hardcore marine, is a man who lost all hope in humanity and only cared for his family, until now.

In the midst of the spring equinox, the rarest eclipse known to man occurs, causing Venus, Mercury, and the Moon to all be between Earth and its view of the Sun. Although visually magnificent, the extraordinary events that take place are far from glorious. All of Earth’s world leaders mysteriously disappear, and a one world government is suddenly formed to reshape the world as they see fit. On top of this global takeover, a shape shifting extraterrestrial has arrived claiming to be the one true creator of Earth and threatens to lay judgement on mankind for their spiritual crimes against humanity.

As a sinister plot unfolds of whom and what will rule Earth and its inhabitants, Nymoki is caught in the center of the cosmic turmoil. He is now left with two choices: keep his family safe by any means necessary, or sacrifice his loved ones to save the billions which occupy Earth.

If you like government conspiracies, ancient civilization and alien origin theories, metaphysical references, or just looking for a new and exciting science fiction novel with a deep story that will leaving you second guessing your own existence, then this book is for you!

Allen Van Buren Settle was born in Jersey City, NJ. Inspired by graphic novels, creation stories of ancient civilizations, government conspiracies, and the metaphysical mysteries of existence, World of Chaos is a science fiction mixture of everything that pushes the envelope of today’s world. He lives in Denver, CO and is currently working as a data analytics architect.

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