Blachart: Galaxii Book 1 – Christina Engela

Action! Adventure! Space Opera!

Life hardly ever turns out the way we expect it to, and for Mykl d’Angelo, skipper and owner of the loderunner Pegasus, it had just taken a bad turn for terrible.

Due a minor misunderstanding, his crew had stolen the ship’s only shuttle, leaving him and two others behind to crew the ailing ship on their own. As if that weren’t bad enough, just a few hours later the rickety old ship’s stardrive exploded in the middle of the middle of nowhere, killing Mykl’s two remaining crewmen.

Marooned alone in deep space, Mykl d’Angelo counted his blessings, offered prayers to any gods who specialized in miracles, and prepared to await (A) seemingly unlikely rescue, or (B) a lingering death…

Rescue takes place, but at a price – as the Antares, a cruiser dispatched to investigate the mysterious silence of a remote starbase crosses paths with a legendary and fearsome Corsair – a man whose name sent shivers down the spines of lesser mortals. Blachart… Blachart the Bloody.

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“Blachart is a potential future, modern example of the classic sci-fi space opera genre that amuses and entertains from the minute you turn the first page. Having read many of the other books in the series already, it is great to start experiencing this series again from the beginning and I can only wish Christina every success, because with writing like this she really deserves it!” – Mark Woods.

“Sheesh, where to start with this book? Simply put, it has everything! There’s adventure, space battles, fist-fights, pirates and, of course, romance.

Every primary character in the book, from Mykl to Ripley and Blachart himself, is extremely well fleshed out, interesting and fantastically voiced by Nigel Peever, each given a real sense of identity and more than a little snark. In addition to the reading, there is the addition of sound effects and some incidental music which is just enough to add atmosphere without distracting from the reading like often can happen in audiobooks.

There’s so much in this story that I could talk about, but I don’t want to spoil it for you – but I strongly suggest that, if you like Buck Rogers, Firefly or Pirate stories you give this book a go as I thoroughly enjoyed everything it had to offer. 5 stars.” – Ryan Pascal review Blachart Audible UK, August 29, 2020.

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Written by christinaengela

"Christina Engela is a South African editor and author of horror, fantasy and science fiction novels. Her books are never short of suspense, adventure and humor, while her colorful characters and thought-provoking settings take readers into another world, making her one of the most gifted and creative storytellers. A firm supporter of the LGBT community, Christina believes that Sexual and Gender Minority characters aren’t reflected enough by authors due to a number of reasons. As such, Christina's writing isn’t stereotypical, and her characters aren’t stereotypes, regardless of their sexuality or gender." -, June 21, 2021.

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