Recovering Reality – David Saffold

The spiritual program of recovery is still the most effective path to lasting freedom from addiction to alcohol and drugs!

Recovering Reality takes you deep into your spiritual dimension to guide you through the spiritual program of recovery. Once you understand the power of your beliefs the spiritual program of recovery makes perfect sense.

The essence of the spiritual program of recovery is to create a trusting personal relationship with God. For the secular newcomer, turning their will and their lives over to the care of God can seem like an impossibility. What does it mean to turn my will and life over to God and how do you do something like that? This vital part of the program is so perplexing that many skimp on this step and eventually end up returning to addiction. This was my experience and I am lucky I didn’t end up dead.

Recovering Reality shows you how to build a trusting relationship with God that has to power to not only create lasting freedom but also to restore you to vibrant life.

Author David J. Saffold has over 30 years of sobriety and has attended thousands of AA meetings and helped hundreds of people begin their recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. His own miraculous resurrection from certain death at the hands of severe addiction to alcohol and drugs propelled him to devote his life to investigating how to successfully use the spiritual program of recovery to create lasting freedom from addiction. In Recovering Reality he shows you how the spiritual program of recovery is quite logical once you understand how your beliefs operate to create your experience of life. You will also learn how to create your own loving and trusting personal relationship with God that permanently puts alcohol and drugs in the past and opens up an amazing new vibrant world with unlimited possibilities.

When I first attended 12-step meetings, I just couldn’t understand the spiritual concepts required for successfully working the steps. How do I know that I am powerless over alcohol and drugs? Why is this happening to me? Who and what is God? The concept of God baffled me completely. How can I turn my will and my life over to the care of God who I don’t understand and never much thought about? Everything I knew of life said I am responsible for running my own life. How can I relinquish that basic human responsibility to this mysterious God? There were so many questions that I needed answered to be able to succeed with the spiritual program of recovery. Why can’t I control my use of alcohol and drugs like I see others doing? Everybody else seems to be doing just fine without admitting they are powerless to run their lives and turning that responsibility over to God. None of this made any sense to me.

If you want the answers to all these bewildering questions then Recovering Reality is the book written just for you.

Special Bonus! Included is a working explanation of the 12-step spiritual program of recovery of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Get your copy of Recovering Reality and discover the path to lasting freedom.

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