Kings of a Lonely Kingdom: Earth Day Essays, Poems, and Musings on Nature – David C. Mahood

In his latest book, Kings of a Lonely Kingdom, author David C. Mahood shares his passion for preserving nature, biodiversity, and for combating climate change, through ten years of Earth Day essays, original poetry, and related sentiments.  Throughout the book he shares compelling examples of a world in need of greater care in order to bring attention to the unfavorable, long-term consequences of climate change, and the loss of biodiversity.  The plights of penguins and pachyderms, whales and wolves, minks and monarchs, and the struggle for clean energy and environmental justice are topics woven into Kings of a Lonely Kingdom. Mahood reflects on the origin and success of the first Earth Day as well as the status of its fiftieth anniversary, which also contains excerpts from a 1972 Earth Day booklet that the author wrote as a nine-year-old, fourth-grade student. The purpose of Earth Day is also expressed by members of today’s youth, from ages nine to thirty-two.  Kings of a Lonely Kingdom is a combination of wit and concern and personal stories, a unique appeal for a healthy habitat for all species, and for all times.

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    1. Review from Charlotte
      If you want to know anything about the Monarch butterfly, David Mahood is the man to ask. His knowledge, understanding, and distress about the Monarch is both impressive and disturbing. Anyone who reads Chapter 6 will want to rush right out and purchase a couple dozen packets of milkweed seeds (if they’re even available for purchase). David invites the reader into his own backyard for an intimate view of how we can all become environmental activists and help save the endangered Monarch butterfly. We cannot ignore the plight of this beautiful creature if we care at al

    2. Review from Tammy:
      It’s as if it were encoded in his DNA over the years. It’s obvious that his passion is deep and natural, and existed long before it became fashionable or trendy. His written work on climate change shows the ever-increasing urgency on the subject. For those concerned with animal welfare, you will be engrossed and informed when he talks about penguins, wolves, and butterflies, and how a fight for clean energy is justice won for the environment and humankind.

    3. Review from Francie:
      In short, “Kings of a Lonely Kingdom” is a thorough, tough, yet heartfelt examination of our climate crisis and severe loss of biodiversity worldwide. Told through the eyes of a scholar, a child, a poet, a storyteller and a lay-person who has educated himself deeply on the subjects, David Mahood wears all of these hats well, creating a book that effectively speaks to a diverse audience, and guides the reader toward an in depth understanding and subsequent plan of action.

    4. From Book_Briefs101

      Kings of a Lonely Kingdom is a must read. David Mahood has offered his expertise, insight and passionate concern for our precious planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. He has cleverly shared his extensive knowledge of environment-related issues through an entertaining mix of eye-opening facts, poetry, humor, heartfelt personal stories and interviews.


    5. Review from reads.rachel:
      The author has worked hard in compiling this book and that is evident. It is a sheer flow of emotion and feelings that people have stated, the author has felt and in all probability things that often go unnoticed have been represented in the bright light of a bookish audience. A wonderful and enigmatic piece that makes you wonder, makes you revolt and the height of the situations but also one that gives you hope that things can be made alright. A great book to have in your library, not a great fan of non-fiction but here is one that you cannot hate. April 2022

    6. Review from Rob:
      Kings was a really enjoyable read with a bunch of good surprises. I think you write eloquently and powerfully in particular about Native American concerns and wildlife. I also liked many of your poems, especially Manipulated Destiny.
      Your book made me want to learn more about how to respect Native Americans, help them regain opportunity, and find a way for them to guide us as we try to go back to a sane relationship with the earth.

    7. Review from Andy Morkes, Author, Nature in Chicagoland:
      After reading many of the essays, I’m glad I requested a copy. Mahood’s essays reveal an intellectually nimble writer who cares deeply about the natural world and the grievous damage humans inflict on it daily. But Kings of a Lonely Kingdom is not a relentless litany of environmental destruction. Mahood leavens his moral outrage at this environmental damage with witty asides; stories about beloved family members and friends (and their interactions with nature); philosophical jaunts; analysis and anecdotes from environmental professionals

    8. Review from Steve B.:
      Kings of a Lonely Kingdom: Earth Day Essays, Poems, And Musings on Nature, by David C. Mahood. Written by a college buddy of mine, I read this while the United Nations Climate Change conference, COP26, was being held in Glasgow, Scotland. Dave’s reflections on the progress, and lack of progress, since the first Earth Day over 5 decades ago are both sobering and encouraging. Reading this and following the COP26 negotiations reinforced my opinion that real impact on climate change will only happen when the necessary changes are tied to people’s pocketbooks.

    9. Review from Kim:
      I enjoyed your journey in Kings of a Lonely Kingdom to talk with such a range of people that have been working in this field for a long time. I felt the joy you had tracking them down and listening firsthand to their journeys.
      That work will stand the test of time and was well worth your time, and you should be proud of that work. The stories you tell clearly outline the path we are on, the path the planet is on. The evidence is clear.

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