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Hiraeth as a word is a Welsh term for a feeling of nostalgia or homesickness for a home that you can’t return to or one that does not exist. Hiraeth is a poetry book of the Epic genre.
It tells a story and is the afterword of a novel that will soon be released. It touches up on plenty of topics in a unique way and I tried my best to make it relatable for anyone and everyone willing to read.
This book does have plenty of references to Hell, The Devil and demons so try to keep an open mind. It also does consists of some love related poetry. Hiraeth will get you to face your demons.
As a book, Hiraeth deals with darkness in general and in specific. Darkness is an important topic to be talked about and expressed because it does exists and the sooner we learn to accept, the sooner we can control it.
Putting the book in the form of poetry, I ended up talking more about darkness and pain which from my point of view is reality. It’s important to remember that we are all scarred, wounded and dark in some way. Hiraeth puts in an effort to make you feel like your not alone.

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