Frequent Flyers: Vol. 1 – Benjamin Flajnik

A children’s book that teaches kids to be confident in travel

Meet the Frequent Flyers!

Jo, Marty & Flynn are a trio of airport-dwelling flies who love to travel!

Determined to discover new people, places, languages and foods, they board commercial flights bound for international destinations and grand adventures.

Aimed at introducing children to globe-trotting at a young age, the Frequent Flyers® series teaches kids to be confident in travel, welcome foreign cultures, and learn from their experiences.

In Volume 1, the trio travels to PARIS, France where they eat French pastries, learn basic French words, visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, hatch a pan for safety, meet new friends, and so much more!

Watch your child’s wanderlust grow as they follow Jo, Marty & Flynn on experiences of a lifetime!

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