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“This is the journey of four years of living, or four years of facing challenges instead of running away; the journey of self-acceptance, of fear, of despair and understanding, of love and heartbreak; or hope. A carousel of emotions and meditations about life, experiences, and about all the people that made it to my heart. And I hope that it can also become a ray of light, and an encouragement to face life for those who might need it. ”

As we advance more as a society mental health regains the spotlight place it deserves, as minor disorders like anxiety or depression are one of the greatest problems in our modern world. Here you can have a glimpse of what daily life is like for a high sensitive person and how to deal with it in a delightful poetic way.

We all have the power to turn our lead into gold

“Alchemy of the Soul is a collection of poems that dives deep into self-exploration in an effort to make sense of what emotions reside from the author and trying to make sense of them. Progressing through this book, it even feels as if you  watching the author grow.

The presentation makes me feel as if I had explored an abandoned house and found a scrap box or journal lying around in the attic.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in poetry, psychology or even authors who are looking into ways of conveying symbolism as there is a lot of that there too”

Paperback edition
ISBN 9090341773 (ISBN13: 9789090341774)

eBook edition

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